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  Ahmed Abdel Aziz Associate Professor Construction Management
  Daniel Abramson Assoc Prof Urban Design & Planning
  Susanne Adamson Assistant to the Dean Dean's Office
  Troy Aichele Affiliate Lecturer Construction Management
  Marina Alberti Professor Urban Design & Planning
  Robert G. Albrecht Assoc. Prof. Emeritus Architecture
  Meegan Amen Facilities Manager Dean's Office
  Kaveh Aminian Affiliate Lecturer Construction Management
  Alex Anderson Assoc. Prof./Assoc. Chair Architecture
  Charles Anderson Lecturer, P/T Architecture
  Christopher Angus Affiliate Lecturer Construction Management
  Sara Angus Affiliate Lecturer Construction Management
  Boaz Ashkenazy Lecturer, P/T Architecture
  Peter Avratin Affiliate Lecturer Construction Management
  Steve Badanes Prof./Holder Howard Wright Chair Architecture
  Christine Bae Assoc. Prof Urban Design & Planning
  Mark Baratta Computing Director Dean's Office
  Krista Bargsten Counseling Services Coordinator Urban Design & Planning
  Edward Bartholomew Research Assistant Professor Architecture
  Melissa Best Program Manager, Runstad Center Urban Design & Planning
  Wyn Bielaska Lecturer, P/T Architecture
  Christopher Bitter Asst Prof, Runstad Center Urban Design & Planning
  Hilda Blanco Professor Emeritus Urban Design & Planning
  Edward D. Blum AICP, Affiliate Instructor Urban Design & Planning
  David Bonsteel Prof. Emeritus Architecture
  Branden Born Associate Professor Urban Design & Planning
  Ann Marie Borys Associate Professor Architecture
  Thomas L. Bosworth Prof. Emeritus Architecture
  Maria Boyer Affiliate Lecturer Construction Management
  Jan Brooks Assistant to the Chair Urban Design & Planning
  Alice Burgess Affiliate Lecturer Construction Management
  Heather Burpee Research Assistant Professor Architecture
  Christopher Campbell Lecturer Urban Design & Planning
  Suzanne Cartwright Associate Director, Runstad Center Urban Design & Planning
  Manish Chalana Assistant Professor Urban Design & Planning
  Frank Ching Professor Emeritus Architecture
  Meredith Clausen Professor - Art History, Architecture Architecture
  Joshua Cloud Affiliate Lecturer Construction Management
  Peter Cohan Associate Professor Architecture
  Rob Corser Assistant Professor Architecture
  Lynn Cowan Library Technician BE Library
  Glenn Crellin Associate Director of Research, Runstad Center Urban Design & Planning
  Abby Crossen Assistant Dean Dean's Office
  Marty Curry Affiliate Asst. Professor Urban Design & Planning

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