College of Built Environments at the University of Washington.

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Facilities: Digital Commons

Location: Gould Basement


  • Weekdays 8am - 6pm (when UW is in session)
  • Weekdays 8am - 5pm (when UW is not in session)


Work Space:

  • Windows Student Workstations
  • Lounge Area
  • Wi-Fi

Classroom (CM Lab) :

  • Windows Student workstations
  • Wi-Fi

AV/DV Area:

  • Student workstations (Mac & PC)
  • Broadcast Monitors
  • Digitizers
  • Digital VCR Units
  • Wi-Fi


  • Lounge Area
  • Wi-Fi

Printing Scanning Area:


All system have the standard software package installed. For a complete list of software available click here.