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Center For Environment, Education, and Design Studies

Sharon E. Sutton, Director
Center For Environment Education and Design Studies Website

One of the College’s ten research units, the Center for Environment Education and Design Studies (CEEDS) brings together a culturally diverse, interdisciplinary group of faculty and students to enhance individual and community development through participatory research and design with K-12 schools, government agencies, and grassroots organizations. Although our work focuses primarily on communities in the greater Seattle area, CEEDS has established interdisciplinary collaborations that extend nationally.

Since its inception in 1998, CEEDS has collaborated across the fields of art, architecture, urban planning, social work, and education on projects that range from studying youth and their environments to facilitating community design workshops, creating public art with elementary school children, and holding seminars and conferences for faculty, graduate students, and community partners. From the outset, CEEDS has had an especially strong relationship with the UW School of Social Work, consistently ranked as one of the top five schools of social work in the country, with a growing record of research on the role of place in human well-being.

CEEDS builds theory and engages in policy-making related to youth and community development, develops effective participatory research and design methods, and promotes systemic change through the active involvement of youth and adults in community development.